Professional ​

With my current clients most of my work has been around supporting consultants with preparing, editing and proof reading documents.  There is also a lot of research along side the usual management of emails land Dropbox.  These tasks allow my clients to get on with the important job of helping their clients.


Many of the skills I have in administration and organisation come from 15 years of teaching.  From organising the timetables and groupings in class, to devising rotas for staff and keeping careful records of the children's attainments and scores.  I further developed these skills when running my childminding business as I needed to manage invoices, book-keeping, GDPR as well as the children themselves.

Since then, I have taken the Executive Secretarial and PA Course covering all aspects of the PA role.  I have also completed training on Facebook and Instagram Media Marketing as well as Webinars on the changing algorithms of these.

I am fully trained in the needs of GDPR compliance and am registered with the ICO.

In the past I have worked as a Patient Services Clerk at a major London hospital dealing with sensitive patient information and ensuring the data was stored correctly.








Personal Strengths



Problem Solving


Virtual Personal Assistant

​2018 - present

For the last few months I have been an assistant to a local photography business. We are working to grow the business and develop new income streams. To this end, I have been developing contact databases for potential clients as well as business contacts for joint ventures.  I have been writing the copy for the website and newsletter and scheduling Facebook post copy for the Summer ad campaign.




​2012 - 2018


After I had my two girls I decided to reduce my working hours to be with them more. As teaching is 60-70 hour week minimum, this meant a change of career and childminding offered flexibility and playmates for the girls.  It was a great career for me at that stage in their lives.  Now they are a bit older and the eldest is off to secondary school, it is time for a change in career that matches more of what I enjoy.  Hence becoming a PA.


Primary Teacher

​1995 - 2012


​Teaching was a career that I fell into.  I got the qualification to give myself flexibility for whatever life threw at me and would allow me to earn a living anywhere in the world.  I was also good at it and enjoyed it for many years.  It is a very different job now than it was in 1995 and so I am looking at my strengths and what I enjoy to carve out a new career.

University of Wales, College of Cardiff

1990 - 1993​


BA (hons) in Education - which was learning about Education rather than learning to educate, though I did go into teaching.  The Welsh university model involves a first year where you study three subjects and then specialise.  I did Psychology and Children's Literature alongside Education.

University of London, Institute of Education



It was here that I did my Postgraduate Certificate of Education.  A fun year in the centre of London.​  Followed by a great year travelling around Australia, swimming with whale sharks, climbing the rock and generally seeing as much as I could in the time.