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A look at why Blogging can help your Business

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Blogs can be written any time, any where

Why does a business need a blog?

Your business probably uses a variety of marketing tools to connect with potential customers, and your blog will be just one of them. But a blog has many advantages over other marketing methods, not only in the way it communicates information but because of the overall impression it creates of your business.

Blogs have a number of advantages over other marketing communications:

Information, not a hard sell

A blog is a great way to tell people what you do in a gentle, informative way. If a presentation is a “hard sell,” a blog is more like having a chat over a cup of coffee. Potential customers who are put off by a hard sell may respond better to a blog.


A blog is long enough to say what you need to say, and can sit on your website for as long as you need it to. Consider how quickly social media moves and you’ll see the advantage a blog has over a Facebook post.

Reusable “evergreen” content

Well-chosen blog topics can be used over and over again. Newsletter content, a link on social media, an idea for a feature in the press or a starting point for an elevator pitch at a networking meeting – one blog can provide you with all this on the day you write it, and again in the future.

How can blogging help to build a brand?

Your blog can also help your brand, even if visitors to your website don’t read every blog in detail.

Reliable Business

A blog which is updated frequently and regularly shows that your brand is current. Readers can see the dates of your blogs, and if one of them was this month, they’ll know that you’re in business right now and it’s worth getting in touch. Regular blogging, e.g. weekly or monthly, also shows that you’re organised and committed to what you’re doing, proving to potential customers that you’re a reliable business they will want to work with.

Expert knowledge

A blog can show potential customers that you’re an expert in your industry. Topics that show the extent of your knowledge (but don’t necessarily give away your trade secrets!) demonstrate that you are the firm to do business with.

Branding and SEO

All content reinforces your brand. The more blogs you have, the more likely it is that people will find your business through Google. Sharing blogs on social media keeps your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages busy, and gives existing customers more ways to recommend you to friends and colleagues.

If you haven’t blogged for a while, block off some time in this week’s diary to write a new post. If you’re struggling to blog regularly, the PA Pod can help. Get in touch today to find out more about our blogging services – it’s time to develop the high-quality content your business deserves.

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